Fuel Consumption Monitor
A power take-off is a strategy of our Fuel Consumption Monitor for taking energy to outside gadgets from a running inward burning motor. Normally it is utilized for driving an outside mechanical gadget (connector) by means of a mechanical shaft.
Liquid Dispensing System
Liquid Dispensing Systems are generally utilized for manual activities as a tabletop unit. Item should be free-streaming and normal sizes. Be that as it may, the systems are equipped for running as a programmed activity in conjunction with another bundling machine.
Flow Meter
Provided Flow Meters are utilized for non-sweet-smelling/non-halogenated chemicals, water based fluids, Diesel Fumes Liquid and oil based goods including oils and oil, powers and fuel oils. meter alternatives incorporate vital LCD totalizers, stream rate totalizers and batch regulators.
Oil Dispenser System
Our Oil Dispenser System alludes to the filling fluids by volumetric stream meter. The speed of filling varies according to the volume to be filled as the machine is furnished with base up fill gathering and customizable volume control.
Diesel Dispensers
The Diesel Dispensers are the entire apportioning arrangement. Innovatively progressed with cutting edge hardware, it is intended to give your forecourt the edge by giving unrivaled security, industry driving precision, eminent unwavering quality and a preeminent end-client encounter.
Fuel Unloading Systems
Delivered Fuel Unloading Systems are extraordinarily intended for exact estimation of fluid powers, for example, diesel, lamp fuel and solvents amid emptying from barrels. Exact stream estimation is the main answer for supplant plunge pole estimation standard on barrels.
Fuel Monitoring System
A completely sensor based fuel monitoring systems are offered by us. These are durable and are resistant to high vibrations and shock load conditions. The systems are used to monitor the level as well as status of the fuel.
Liquid Filling Machine
The liquid Filling Machines are widely used for filling off engine oil, gear oil and transmission oil in the gear box. Further, the machines have additive and oil in refrigerant compressor assemblies.
Oil Filling Machine
The oil filling machine is widely used for filling petrol, lube oils and transmission fluids. In addition, the design of the machines suit for fast and accurate filling of components on moving assembly line.

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