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Diesel finds application in engines which are primarily used in industries including Automobiles, Mining, Aircraft, Railway, Construction etc. Therefore, it is considered to be widely used commercial fuel throughout the world. Besides that it is also a preferred energy for operating various industrial devices and machines like dryers, generator, furnaces, etc.

Throughout the world, diesel is transported through tanker truck with the capacity spanning from 5000 to 25000 liters. While storing the diesel in underground or aboveground storage tanks, there is high likelihood of misappropriation and stealth in dip stick check.

The diesel which is off-loaded is allocated on a large scale to in-house departments for operating several industrial devices and machines and furnaces. In addition to that, the liquid fuel is also delivered to end-users for operating construction equipment, different vehicles and mining machines. In the majority of the applications, the operators adopt the dipstick procedure for providing a measure of the consumed fuel, which is neither correct and credible nor stops rampant pilferage.

Considering all mentioned above situations, we came to figure out that there is no reliable procedure that offers the right measure and temper-free system in order to keep a tab on the procurement and consumption of fuel. Thereby, it was quite difficult and herculean to audit the whole process of procurement and consumption of liquid fuel, that is worth of huge money. This difficult situations lead to the doldrums for the logistic managers who has responsibility to keep account and check for expensive purchase input to the industry.

Fluidyne got into the provision of engineering and developing reliable and efficient system for satisfying demanding requirement of measuring the diesel obtained in the storage tanks. Besides that, it also keeps a tab on the off-loaded fuel as well as consumed quantities by each user application.

The company devises the systems which allow to log and display the measured data with the help of a common PLC panel. Keeping in account the need of individual client, we custom-design the system for transmitting the data to BMS, DCS, ERP or SCADA.

We provide Tanker off-loading System Diesel, an innovative and ingenious device, that makes possible to measure received diesel during off-loading from truck tank to underground and above ground storage tanks. The device is ingeniously engineered with high technology for managing the air while unloading in order to ensure the better accuracy (0.25% of reading).

So as to keep a close tab on the consumption of diesel and correctly measure the disposed quantity from the storage tank, Fluidyne provides an innovative measurement solutions mentioned below :
  • Positive Displacement Flowmeters for measuring diesel transfer.
  • Genset fuel consumption monitors for genset fuel measurement.
  • Positive displacement flowmeters for measuring diesel transfer
  • Mobile and stationery dispenser for measuring fuel issued to vehicle and machinery
  • Mobile fuel consumption monitoring system for moving vehicles and construction and mining machinery
We promise higher accuracy (0.25% of reading) to clients in our all systems. Our range is engineered with exclusive PLC and HMI panels where in all data regarding issue and receipt can be logged by measurement devices. With the help of these panels, measured data can be used to acquire the appropriated information of fluid fuel used and issued. Moreover, it also shows the information related to the stock in the main storage and user storage tanks.

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